We are pleased to announce our recent expansion of high-speed internet into Tonganoxie, KS! We also hope to expand our broadband service into the DeSoto, KS area very soon as well!

We provide dependable and high-speed wireless, copper, and fiber internet connections to our clients across the Kansas City Metro area. Our prices are designed to be competitive with the other major providers and we specialize in deploying into hard to reach locations. Many of our wireless high-speed internet clients are in 'data-isoalated' areas where the upfront costs for internet service is very expensive. Our wireless high-speed internet can get you connected for a fraction of the cost!

Wireless high-speed internet has been reliable and viable in commercial applications for over 2 decades. We understand that all of our customers demand extremely high uptime to support the recent trend of cloud-based softare solutions and hosted VOIP telephone systems. Our wireless internet technology is robust enough to transport your data seamlessly and unscathed.

We offer up to Gigabit speeds and have affordable packages for any need. Don’t be surprised to see our public access points in various areas of the city that our clients can connect to at any time. We envision a wireless blanket across the metro area so that our clients can stay connected on mobile platforms that are paramount to their day-to-day operations.

Support a local KC ISP and reap the benefits of avoiding the hassle and wait times of the major national corporations. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and personal relationships with all of our clients.

Whether you are a residential customer or commercial client, we have pricing, speeds, and availability for all situations. Your pricing will depend on a few factors, so please contact our sales team for a custom quote today. We also specialize in the following areas of high-speed internet:

Data-Isolated Areas

If your internet speeds are disappointing you and other providers have quoted unrealistic buildout costs, you are a perfect candidate for our high-speed wireless internet. We are capable of feeding high-speed internet to your data-isolated area through our wireless distribution points that are strategically placed throughout the city. In most cases we can offer 10x the speed of your current connection for a comprable price. Whether in the heart of the city or on the outskirts, we can almost always extend our broadband to your location.

Backup Feeds for Businesses

Many business today can be severely impaired by a lost internet connection. Have you lost connectivity for hours or days at a time? While that is certainly bad enough, Imagine if it was weeks. We can give you peace of mind with our wireless backup internet feeds at a reasonable price. A wireless link from miles away fulfills the redundancy requirement to proactively stabilize your businesses access to the internet. Local disasters or mishaps such as a backhoe breaking fiber backhauls wont affect our airborne signal!

Multi-Tenant Buildings

We can provide landlords and property managers high-speed internet connections and physical infrastructure to distribute to their tenants as an added amenity included on their lease. Included in this service we can also engineer and deploy free wireless access points in public spaces such as lobbies, gyms, etc. Contact us today for a site survey and custom quote!

Fiber-Optic Services

We have expertise and experience in burying, running, splicing, and testing fiber-optic cable. If you are in need of any of these services we offer competitive pricing on labor and materials. We can bury fiber in the ground, run fiber through conduit and raceway, and terminate fiber. Contact our sales team about your next fiber job to get a custom quote.


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